As part of the Diocese of St Albans Academy we intend to operate a vibrant Academy Council that will support, develop and challenge the work within the school such as safeguarding, Christian ethos, community relationships and aspects of performance and pay review. The Academy Council will work to achieve the school's vision of inspiring children with a thirst for knowledge, confidence and independence through excellent teaching.

Academy Councillors, Staff, Parents and Children will work as a team building on success in a happy, creative environment.  Our village school has always had a strong family ethos and every individual, who is part of our school, is important and valued.

If you would like to be part of the Academy Council then application forms will be available during September.

Anthony Todd (Chair ai)


The Academy Council

We are in the process of setting up the Academy Council.  More details will be put here once we have confirmed its members.

Foundation Members 

  • Mr Anthony Todd (Chair ai)

Staff Members

  • Mrs Gilly Riach (Headteacher)

Parent Members

  • Mr. Jonathan Colls (nominated Safeguarding member)

Community Members


We will be recruiting a clerk in due course.





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