Following admission to the Diocese of St Albans Multi-Academy Trust (DSAMAT), Kensworth CE Academy will continue to use its existing policies, which will be updated as required, until such point that they are replaced by DSAMAT shared policies.    

Policy NameDocument NumberIssue  Date  Relevant committee
Admissions Policy (2019/20)  |  Admissions Policy (2020/21) DSAMAT  Mar-19 TRUST
Anti-Bullying Policy DSAMAT  Jan-18 TRUST
Attendance Policy DSAMAT  Dec-18 TRUST
Behaviour Policy  DSAMAT   Apr-18 TRUST
Capital & Revenue Reserves Policy  DSAMAT   Apr-17 TRUST
Charges, Remissions and Contributions Policy KPS020  Mar-17 Fin
Christian Ethos Policy KPS032  Dec-16 M&R
Collective Worship Policy DSAMAT May-17 TRUST
Complaints Policy DSAMAT  Feb-19 TRUST
Curriculum Policy KPS031  Mar-17 C&S
Data Protection Procedures Policy KPS007  Dec-16 M&R
Dealing with Allegations against School Personnel, School Volunteers, the Headteacher or another Pupil Policy KPS002  Dec-16 M&R
Disability, Equality and Accessibility Plan for Pupils Policy KPS016  Jan-17 M&R
Drugs and Substance Misuse Policy KPS013  Dec-16 M&R
Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Policy DSAMAT  Mar-19 LOCAL
Educational Visits KPS034  Jan-17 C&S
Emergency Plan KPS030  Jan-17 M&R
E-Safety and Acceptable Use Policy KPS015  Feb-17 M&R
Extended Schools and Community Cohesion Policy KPS022  Jan-17 M&R
Fire Safety and Evacuation Policy KPS006  Jan-17 M&R
Health and Safety Policy
Home-School Agreement Policy KPS025  Feb-17 M&R
Medical Needs Policy KPS008  Jan-17 M&R
No Smoking Policy KPS027  Mar-17 M&R
Pay and Performance Policy DSAMAT   TRUST
Performance Management Policy KPS018  Dec-16 M&R
Physical Intervention/Restraining Of Pupils Policy KPS004  Mar-18 M&R
Recruitment Policy KPS001  Mar-17 M&R
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy DSAMAT  Jul-18 TRUST
Safeguarding Against Radicalisation Policy KPS033  Dec-16 M&R
Sex and Relationships Policy KPS014  Jan-17 M&R
Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Policy KPS028  Jan-17 M&R
Staff Code of Conduct DSAMAT  Apr-18 TRUST
Staff ICT Acceptable Use Policy DSAMAT Mar-19 TRUST
Transition Policy KPS029  Jun-17 M&R
Values Policy DSAMAT  Mar-19 LOCAL
Whistleblowing Policy DSAMAT  Feb-19 TRUST
Staff Induction Policy KPS035  Jan-17 M&R
Travel Policy KPS036  Jun-17 M&R

Where there is not a link, the policy is available from the school office.

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